Original Charleston Bedswing® makes two styles and they differ only in size. We limit our offerings to just these two styles simply because we feel this configuration with its look and feel is the best.

Our “ORIGINAL” Collection 83”L x 43”D x 24”H

For solitary reading, sharing a glass of wine with a loved one, having laughs with the whole family or friends, relaxing after a hard day’s work, rocking babies to sleep and a heart-to-heart with your teen. There are so many ways to enjoy this swing!

Our “MINI” Collection 72”L x 36”D x 24”H

Bigger is not ALWAYS better! For that favorite area where space is sometimes “less than”, this swing gives you all that’s needed to fully enjoy an uncompromised lazy day experience! P.S. What book are you reading?Original Bed Swing and Mini

Bed Swing Hanging Instructions: We suggest hiring a professional to install. Proper installation requires at least a 2 X 6-inch rafter be available to attach with 4-inch eye lag bolts (included). See FAQs for more information on installation.

Your bed swing will be delivered by freight shipping and come fully assembled. Each swing bed comes with enough chain (four sections, eight feet long) to accommodate up to a 10-foot ceiling height. You can select any ceiling/support height when ordering.